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B.S. Environmental Science | University of Colorado, Boulder

Kyle is a PhD student and researcher working with Benis Egoh, in the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California Irvine. His broad research interest is in climate change impacts, more specifically during his PhD he will focus on climate change impacts to ecosystem services and the implications of such impacts to human societies and overall ecosystem functioning. He obtained his Bachelors in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado Boulder and has previously worked in research positions at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the National Ecological Observatory Network, and his undergraduate university, studying a multitude of different topics related to climate change. Kyle's dissertation work will focus on mapping and modeling the impacts of a changing climate to regionally important ecosystem services at different scales and within different regions of the world.

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Recent Publications and Presentations
Modeling the Dynamic Landscape Evolution of a Volcanic Coastal Environment
Frontiers in Earth Science | October 8, 2020

We model weathing of mafic minerals in a volcanic floodplain as an indicator of the efficacy and impact of enhanced silicate weathering driven by climate change, and can also help identify other regions that have a natural ability to act as a carbon sink via mafic rock weathering.

Manley et al. 2020